This was our year 2020

Just like 2019, the year 2020 started with lots of fireworks outside and a lot of fog here in Den Burg-Texel. Within a tasty Cremant!

But in the 2nd week, some unrest started to arise as a result of the reports from Wuhan-China.

I decided to start collecting the messages and soon I called it my Coronavirus file. By March 6, I had finished 500 pages and decided to start part 2.

The virus progressed very quickly, not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world there was a lot of misery and sorrow. Again there were a lot of Deniers, a sad example played by the previous boss in the USA and proclaiming everywhere that the "Chinese virus" is just a flu.

At the moment (10-03-2021) there are at least 2,600,000 deaths worldwide - America has more than 540,000 of them. Since President Biden has taken power, there is finally good policy against the virus.

Our government recommended washing hands a lot and keeping a distance of 1.5m from each other. But soon that was not enough, the hospitals in the south of the country faced an extremely difficult task, patients were transported elsewhere, other hospitals, in the country and even to Germany. Shops had to be closed, the catering industry closed, football matches without an audience.

Marielle our French neighbor had mowed our grass with her husband before we came and Manu made the orchard beautiful.

Fantastic!                          (see the pictures below)

IMG_5961.JPG  IMG_5959.JPG

In July it went reasonably well in Europe and on July 11th we left for France, fortunately we were able to go back to Christine Rasmussen from Chambre d'Hôtes Les Coquelicots in Marieulles. On Sunday, July 12, we arrived at our house around 3:00 PM.

We had agreed not to invite guests, so it felt like a holiday where we could also work well.

On Monday we got started right away. The grass at the jeu-de-boules court still had to be mowed, Marielle and Manu could not reach that with their tractor lawn mower, we have a motor mower and we can just lift it up the stairs. And Ineke just mow.

IMG-20200713-WA0005.jpg  IMG-20200713-WA0006.jpg

Between the mail we also found the house number, because Vareilles had decided to give the streets a street name and the houses a house number, namely Chemin de Fayolle 184 or in French 184 Chemin de Fayolle

20200717_140633_resized.jpg   IMG-20200716-WA0005.jpg

Ineke sanded and stained the shutters like a true professional


We pruned the Wisteria well, sanded the shed well and painted it with red exterior stain.

20200801_122028_resized.jpg   IMG-20200801-WA0001.jpg   IMG-20200810-WA0001.jpg

Our new neighbors Dario Gerace and Mandy Monnet asked us to remove the branches of the apple tree that had grown far into their garden. Of course we did, but it was a good job.

                            20200806_101211_resized.jpg   20200806_104610_resized.jpg

IMG-20200813-WA0011.jpg   IMG-20200813-WA0010.jpg

And after a few days, the wood from the apple tree is neatly back in the wood shed to be burned in the fireplace in 2023.

This year the heat was again very intense. We could keep working outside until about 11 to 12 hours, after which it became too hot and therefore too dangerous. We would crawl under the oak and read a book on our bench.


Due to the Corona in 2020, no Brocantes were allowed to be held in Saône & Loire. We miss our Sunday outing there.

If the weather, the temperature allowed it, we went for a walk somewhere in the region at the end of the afternoon. We have a folder from the Office du Tourisme with a walk from the villages around La Clayette.

At the beginning of August we walked a trail around Ouroux-sous-les-Bois-Sainte-Marie

20200802_141402.jpg    20200802_131003.jpg    IMG-20200802-WA0004.jpg  


IMG-20200802-WA0005.jpg    IMG-20200802-WA0010.jpg    Hameau_Chassagne.jpg

The young man we met halfway through is the accordionist who often plays in La Clayette on market days. A very friendly man who owns a Hameau, 8 to 9 buildings in his case. Slight overdue maintenance, that again.

We were allowed to look after the animals of Marielle and Manu Michelet from 3 - 16 August, feed Framboise, the cat, in the morning and in the evening, take the four chickens out of the coop and the eggs and return to the coop in the evening. And count the sheep every time, 12 pieces.

20200716_112655.jpg    20200802_205530.jpg    IMG-20200813-WA0000.jpg

On August 14, Wim and Mieke (our friends) arrived at the farm campsite of Vareilles, which is located on the 373 Chemin de Perrière and is called Camping La Ferme du Odenoux of the Bernard Escallier family.

In 2019 we drove with Piet the brother of Ineke to Chateau de Javernand in Chiroubles, one of the 10 Crus du Beaujolais (at 48km). We liked that very much and a very nice ride through the area.

We drove there again with Wim and Mieke and just like in 2019 this was again a very nice experience. Arthur Fourneau welcomed us again very hospitably and let Wim, Mieke and Ineke taste the wines.



IMG-20200817-WA0008.jpg    20200817_105827_resized.jpg

Later in the evening we had a game of pétanquet (gejeudebouled).

  ​​​​ 20200829_180213_resized.jpg     IMG-20200829-WA0011 (1).jpg     20200829_175514_resized.jpg

And then a nice beer, a real Skuumkoppe, which they had brought from Texel. Delicious too!


The Real Texel Skuumkoppe

On August 22, Manu Michelet came with his tractor with lifting fork to help us prune the climbing plant "Madame Galen" on the guest terrace. Joop was allowed to help, but not much came of it, the lion's share of the work was done by Manu! Many thanks Manu!

20200822_090935_resized.jpg    20200822_100849_resized.jpg    20200822_105714_resized.jpg  

On August 22, we were invited to come and have an apperative with Sonia and Didier Ballandras and their children Matthias and Inesz.

The intention was a kind of Housewarming, we thought it was heartwarming that we were invited to do so. Marielle and Manu and their daughter Soline were also invited. It was a very pleasant evening.

IMG-20200823-WA0000.jpg    IMG-20200823-WA0002.jpg

From left to right Inesz, Sonia, Didier, Matthias, Soline, a niece of Soline, Marielle, Manu, Joop and Ineke

On August 23, we took a walk behind Vauban at La Mornière. It was fantastic hiking weather and we walked beautiful kilometers.

20200823_134142_resized.jpg  ​​​​​​​ 20200826_204556_resized.jpg   20200823_140136_resized.jpg


​​​​​​​20200823_132659_resized.jpg    20200823_145130_resized.jpg   ​​​​​​​20200823_151030_resized.jpg

On September 3 we were surprised by the neighbors (independently of each other) with a very friendly goodbye, Marielle, Manu and Soline came with a surprise meal with delicious white wine (Bourgogne Aligoté 2013).

And Sonia, Didier and the children came with a box of beautiful wines, which we took with us to the Netherlands. Didier works in viticulture!

IMG-20200904-WA0000.jpg    20200903_191120_resized.jpg    IMG-20200904-WA0002.jpg


And Friday September 4 was our last evening in Vareilles of 2020

20200904_163321_resized.jpg    IMG-20200904-WA0003.jpg

Until next year, after the vaccination, in 71800 Vareilles




I ring the bell in a Guest Room, a window opens above.

A guy sticks his head out and asks, "What are you doing?"

                                                                        I say, "I would like to spend the night here." Do you know what he said?

                                                                                                                                                               Good night!