This was our year 2018

This year we left for Vareilles on Saturday 28 April. Unfortunately we could not stay overnight at Chambre d'Hôtes Les Coquelicots this year. So we drove a little further to spend the night at Hôtel Restaurant Campanile Pont-à-Mousson.

We do hope that in 2019 we can go back to Christine Rasmus in Marieulles.

On Sunday, April 29, we arrived at our house around 3 o'clock. And the house was very cold, inside it was 7ºC and that with those very thick stone walls. Fortunately, we have enough firewood so it quickly burns out.

It will then take a few days before the worst cold is out of the house. Very important is the outside temperature, well that was not easy. It didn't get really good until the end of May.

Mowing the grass is the first tough task and that goes well when the grass is a bit dry.

We bought perennials along the pasture path at the garden center in Margincy. We sowed Juliaantje gold poppy between the plants, both the orange and the white variety.

On May 11, Rietje and Frans came to stay with us for the 7th time and on May 26 they will come for the 8th time.

We have a number of tasks for this season, the former outside toilet, the Jeu de Boules court, the shop and pruning trees in the orchard.

20180601_164011.jpg    20180710_153712.jpg

The roof of the former outdoor toilet was in need of repair.

Together with our former neighbor Bruno Leveque we drove the grit on the spot in front of the Jeu de Boulesbaan. Then a lot of raking and rolling until it became a reasonable job.

          20180608_155418.jpg     20180610_161218.jpg

We think we will have to throw some grit on it next year to fill in some 'potholes'. We did play on it nicely.

Ineke sanded and stained the fine in the garden, which has restored the fine.


In May the weather was very nice in the Netherlands and not yet in France, but that started at the beginning of June and lasted until mid-October. It was therefore a very hot summer and there was talk of the 'Canicule' again. A heat wave in which people are alerted to watch their (older) neighbors. In 2003, the heat wave in France killed about 15,000 people.

Anomalie TX FRance 01072015_article.png   canicules-France-1947-2015.png

August 8, 2018: These temperatures give a Code Orange throughout France

We think that it is because of the beautiful weather that many Dutch people in the Netherlands celebrated their holiday.

The orchard had to be properly pruned. Joop has been working on that for quite a few days, let's hope that the pruned trees were not too rough and that many cherries and apples will grow on the pruned trees again in 2019.


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