How it all started ... in 2010

For more than 25 years, is the Brionnais, in the South of Burgundy, a second homeland for us. Once we went with our children camping on a tiny campsite, Château de Montrouant in Gibles.  

This site turned out to be a perfect base for us for many years.

Every year we travelled with the caravan trough France and always had our trusted campsite as 'dessert'.

Not only for the campsite but also by the 'home-come-feeling' when we returning in the Burgundy. The lovely surroundings, tranquillity and, above all, the extremely friendly people in this region.

When we in 2010 once again visited the campsite, we saw while walking just behind the camp site, that 'the House on the Hill' as we always called, 'Les Pins' was for sale.

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Suddenly we looked there with other eyes, partly because of the insane views and also by the realization that our pension got closer. Once back in Netherlands we took the decision to arrange an appointment with the notary (in France also broker). Through the brother of Joop, who, along with his wife, lives in the Morvan (in the North of Burgundy), made an appointment for the next month.

On that particular day we went by Jean-Michel and Emmanuelle Gruel, the owners of the Château de Montrount, to say hi and to tell them why we came by. Jean Michel pulled away, however, completely white when we told the reason and baffled he spoke the words: 'But don't you know it is sold???'

That week he had gotten the message from other campers that they had become the new owners of 'Les Pins'. Here after we were pretty confused, we decided first to go at the appointed time to the House to see what would happen.

The new owners have now become good acquaintances of us and over and over again, we have a good support to each other.

Comforted by a bottle of fine wine and a nice lunch we arrived in plenty of time at the place of destination. Because everything was open we took itself a look within.

The view was still insanely, but the House itself was in a very bad state.

At exactly 3 pm (the appointed time) stopped a car with David Bonnetain, the notary son. He told us that the House was sold and that they indeed by a computer malfunction by the storm had lost our data. And so they could not contact us .... (No Backup and so . . . .)

We know that there are very heavy hard storms in France and that the computer in the French countryside did not so long ago his advent, but still we were not happy with it.

But .... He had just gotten the keys, very accidentally, for another house in the neighborhood and whether we might interest to go there. We decided to go along, because you finally, but never know. He brought us to the small village of Vareilles and the closer we came get to the House, the more fun it was. We were led by a fence and then we drove about a kind of driveway of grass. And there lay, hidden, 'under' the rose bushes, a cosey little home, there was even a small porch on the front. We were in love and that went only stronger when we went inside.

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-1 For sale 2010 -3 the first entrance 2011 -4 The entrance - Nowadays -5 At the 'Dechetterie'  (the rubbish dump)- 2011 -6 The Entrance - 2010 -7 The Entrance - Nowadays -8 L'Auvent (the Awning) - 2010 -9 L'Auvent (the Awning) - 2013 -10 L'Auvent (the Awning) - 2013 -11 L'Auvent (the Awning) - 2014 -12 L'Auvent (the Awning) - Nowadays -13 The Kitchen - 2011 -14 The Kitchen - Nowadays -18 The Living - Nowadays -24 The Watertrough - Nowadays -25 The Inner Court - 2010 -26 The Inner Court - Nowadays -30 Masterbedroom Northside - Nowadays -31 Bathroom - 2010 -33 Dining room - 2010 -34 Dining room - Heden -35 The Woodshed - 2010 -36 The Woodshed - Nowadays

It was everywhere a huge mess but we looked right through it and saw and felt the atmosphere that prevailed in the cottage. From the living room you looked over the hills where the cows were quietly lead out to pasture. I think we have been engaged over two hours with David with all of our questions.

All was forgiven and forgotten and completely full of our impressions we drove the next day to the Netherlands. We had our plans all ready, now the bank yet. 

Once come home we checked our mail and what turned out to be .... There was a mail (our data were apparently found again!) from Notary Daniel Bonnetain in which he wrote that after we left the same day another candidate had been along and he offered the asking price right and so, ..... sold.

Now we were not just angry but also incredibly sad. Our dream home .... away! It took a while before we got this out of our heads. When this once almost there then suddenly on New Year's Eve, there came an email from the notary asking if we still were interested in the house. The buyer got his finances not around and had to withdraw. We wanted to take no hasty decisions before we had the certainty that it would be feasible for us. This time it was the notary very kind and has given us all the time we needed.

We have set up an architectural report by Bert, the brother of Joop (now architect in the Morvan) and send the plan to our bank. When both gave no problems it, we have established a good price. With the owner we come to an agreement that they should leave it behind all the contents (including all bunch) . She was very happy with it, because she always had to go on her own from Lyon to Vareilles by train and then with what things in plastic bags to travel back home.

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David Bonnetain explains it all !