This was the year 2017

This year we receive our guests from May 13th. Rietje and Frans come to visit us for the 5th time and for the third year.

April was still quite chilly, but the weather was good from the beginning of May.

In May and June we were very busy with guests. Very nice people and what strikes us and we are very happy with that, the returning guests. As we wrote above, Rietje and Frans for the 5th time! And if all goes well, they want to come again next year.

Joop has made a new 80x80cm table for the apartment.



On July 16, we had the annual Brocante again here in the village. This year again very busy and also on our pasture.

In August we went back to the Netherlands for a week to admire our third grandchild. Reza, son of Mascha and Maarten and brother of Beer, is a wonderful little guy.

At the end of September, a shower cabin was installed in the apartment on the new carpet.


In mid-October there was a very beautiful morning mist.


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