This was the year 2011

On 30 March we have signed the preliminary purchase contract and we got the key to take a look in the house and to get an impression and think what yet should happen.

When we finally have signed 12 may, we could then finally really get down. The first weeks we just tryid to clean out and clean up the House and while we did, we fell from one into the other surprise. There were so many beautiful, fun, touching and/or practical stuff, that we already have a lot of the decor of our home.

We found (ran into) different cabinets (some complete with crockery, glassware and cutlery). Many chairs, tables, pots, pans, vases.

In the 'Atelier' (the workshop) lay a lot of tools, plumbing, electrical installation material-stuff etc. etc.

On the upper floor we came a lot of beds and lots of old mattresses. The bedrooms where this stuff stood, were all hung with sturdy carpeted floor. Very special, especially the smell that here was stuck. But we have (sometimes together with family and friends) worked very hard and are very proud of the result so far.

Everywhere in the House there are beautiful wooden beams and they came out and we have the original details left in tact as much as possible. Each room has something special but we feel especially comfortable in the living room (In earle years used to be the barn). Especially in the evening when the outdoor temperatures drop and the insert-fire is on fire, with a nice glass of wine and a good book, we are enjoying it the most.

What is helping us feel as pleasant as we do, is also due to the people in our immediate vicinity, our neighbours (nos voisins). Regularly we rejoiced with vegetables from the garden, fresh eggs or home-made jams.

We have a special contact with neighbour Marie-Claude Chatagnier (a former teacher). She found it very fun to learn us the French language and is the first and only resident in the old village which is in possession of a computer with an internet connection. But that won't lest long.