This was our year 2019

This year we left for Vareilles on Saturday 27 April. Fortunately, we were able to stay the night again this year at Chambre d'Hôtes Les Coquelicots in Marieulles, where Christine Rasmus is again a trusted hostess.

On Sunday 28 April we left for Vareilles around the clock from 09:30 am. We always like to leave the motorway at Beaune and then drive 'short' to Le Cray. First through the wine regions (including Volnay, Pommard and Meursault (around € 50 per bottle!)) Then along the area of ​​the river Dheune, which is continued with the part along the Canal du Center that connects the Loire and the Saône connects.

We arrived at our house around 3am.

On arrival it was dry outside and not really bad weather, so we quickly empty the car. In any case, our things were dry inside.

In the house it was, just like in previous years, very cold, inside it was 6ºC and with those very thick stone walls (60cm) it takes a while before there is a pleasant temperature inside. Fortunately, we have enough firewood, so we quickly set the fire up to light up the fireplace in the living room.

The first days it was also very chilly outside, but we were able to work in the gardens, weed weeds, etc.

First we had to clean up the broken branches from the trees on the pasture and the branches from the butterfly bush near the parking lot.

On the wall by the road we have planned perennials on the inside and on the road side last year 3x a small / new wisteria that is already doing well. Furthermore, put the dahlia tubers in the ground.

We also sown the 'wild nightcap' or 'Pavot de California' again with a generous hand (see photo), a flower that makes us very happy. It blooms from May to (with us) October and sows itself again. So we are very curious how it will look next year.


At the end of May we went back to Texel for a week because we had a nice reunion of the Eelman family, the family of Ineke's mother. Piet, Ineke's brother, had also come to the reunion from Canada and flew with us back to Vareilles for a week.

We entered the Beaujolais with Piet and drove to Chiroubles. We had an appointment with Arthur Fourneau, vigneron du Château de Javernand and he let Piet and Ineke taste their wines.



The heat really started at the beginning of June, the picture below shows how intense it was.

Vagues de chaleur observées dans le département du Gard depuis 1947.png   Records de chaleur absolus.jpg

The heat was so intense that we could only work outside until 11am - 11.30am. Then lie down in the easy chair under the oak tree, read and / or sleep.

Despite the heat, we did go to a flea market in the area every Sunday.

July 21 was again the annual party in Vareilles, in the morning in and around the village the brocante where we scored a beautiful metal advertising sign of 'Mort Subite'. And in the evening the party with meals and dancing.

IMG-20190722-WA0000.jpg   20190729_115717.jpg

It was again a nice and impressive party.

On July 30 Bram and Gees came again to look after our house for another week and we will look after their house in Overveen that week. Overveen is located against Haarlem and our children all 2, so 4, live in Haarlem so that we can go to them by bicycle.

Wonderful to see them again and to hug the 4 grandchildren.

IMG-20190802-WA0003.jpg   IMG-20190804-WA0041.jpg

Sunday August 4 with the 8 of us to Artis, what a party!                                                              In Artis-Zoo in Amsterdam

Wednesday, August 7, we flew back to Lyon-Saint Exupéry and around 7:30 pm we were back at Le Cray, where Bram and Gees had a delicious meal ready.

Our mowing farmer Jacques Labrosse has provided our compensation for his mowing, une stère (1m³) firewood and there was about half of very large pieces of wood, which I was allowed to split with the ax or if there were thick knots in it with the chainsaw had to master.

But with that very hot weather it was only possible until 11 - 11:30h and then we had to stop, for the sake of life ;-).

Every morning Ineke was busy looking after the flowers and plants and thanks to our water basin we could spoil them with our own rain water. The whole summer it rained little, but we had 3 big showers, 1 of which also with a lot of hail.


Together, those 3 showers gave about 65mm of rain and this kept our basin nicely filled.


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