This was the year 2015

At the end of april we arrived in Vareilles. The farewell to Netherlands will be a bit more difficult this year, because in March our grandson Beer is born. A very Merry event, and so it is not easy to have no contact for half a year.

Maarten and Mascha have solved this fantastic by weekly photos and videos. Also, we have skyped.

The heat beat rapidly and we have had a wonderful six months in terms of temperature. 

Ineke has a week at the end of June to went back to Bear in the Netherlands, when she came back she had Martine (our daughter) with her for spending another week with us. 

For the guests we have a new articulated sunshade. And at the shade terrace we hung an old large kettle with Begonias at a branch of the old cherrie tree.

Furthermore, we have a dead Apple tree taken down this summer, an impressive job.

The water basin is watersealed, so now we can use the rain water for the vegetable garden and the flowers and plants.

01-waterbassin_september_2010.JPGseptember 6 2010-02

02-waterbassin_september_2010.JPG september 6 2010-03

03-waterbassin_9_juni 2015.jpg

june 9 2015


june 13 2015


augustus 18 2015

05-Waterbasin 28-07-2015.jpg

july 28 2015 

07-waterbassin 30 augustus 2015.jpg

august 30 2015

We have had good and tight weather for a week or 12. And at the time that the water basin was finished it began to rain and there was a few days later 8 M3 water available. In 2016 we will only have to repair the sides of the exit and the exit itself .

Maarten, Mascha and Beer also came to us for a week in early september, this was a fantastic week.

Trots voor het huis.jpg.

Here we are, at the end of september, pride in front of our House. Ineke, Beer, Joop and Maarten - Mascha took the picture.




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