This was the year 2014

We are now, March 2014, at the beginning of the new season.

Thanks to Els and Henk Rump we have gotten a lot of info about the maintenance of the orchard, so that should be working fine.

The first days it was getting used to the House and its surroundings, but the temperature, the peace and the space this went very fast.

We have take a firm line with the vegetable garden, but due to the large differences in temperature in May (from a week to a wet week of 35°C to 10°C and that a few times in a row) some crops are not well developed.

This year we have our old Harley-Davidson (built in 1942) brought to France, because on Texel in the winter it is not really tasty to drive. Our 'old' neighbor Jean Scoffier was deeply impressed with the engine and gave us an old American flag. He found that nice for 'Le Jour de Debarquement' on June 6, 1944, D-day.

We have on the 6th June 2014, at the 70-year-old celebration of de Jour du Debarquement, put together a nice ride around Vareilles.

After the first mow, of the pasture mid-June, we decided to create a 2nd Guests shaded terrace under the 3 trees, on the north side.

Compared to 2013, we have a very good occupancy in 2014 in the Chambre d'Hôtes.

Beginning september, Anne Marie Gertenbach and Gerard Timmerman our guest. Gerard is editor-in-Chief of de Texelse Courant and he asked if he could write an article about Chambre d'Hôtes Le Cray.

Here you will find the link to that article (of course in Dutch).


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70e Jour du Débarquement 2014