Trial - 1 - Around Bois de Ferrière

All our trails have ‘Le Cray’ as start and finish.

Hike 1 takes about one hour and is approximately five kilometre long. Heavy shoes are recommended. 

Starting at the apartment turn left, after 200 meter you’ll pass the Old School. (see picture 1)

Foto 01 Kruispunt Links van Le Cray naar MC en Mistemagne bij School.jpg

Picture 1

At the restaurated Cross (Picture 2) you’ll pass Mistemagne and after 150 meter you turn onto the D279.

Foto 02 Kruispunt IJzeren Kruis voorbij de School.jpg

Picture 2

At the split of the road (see picture 3) you keep right (do not take entrance to ‘Salle Polyvalente’ ) follow the road uphill. This is quite a steep uphill. (in dutch a 'kuitenbijter). 

Intersection de Crot Cornet-Les Vignes-Les Noues

Picture 3

After 200 meter you’ll come to a split to ‘Les Vignes’ (see pict 4). Also here you’ll find a Cross (Croix du Jubilé dated 1852).  Here you turn left. Below left you’ll see ‘Le Cray’.

Intersection avec Le Croix de Fer (Croix du Jubilee 1852)

Picture 4

If you wish to continue with your walk you’ll come to another split in the road at a barn. (see picture 5).

Intersection Sur les Vignes et Bois de Cure

Picture 5

Here you’ll turn right.


A beautiful panorama reveals it self on your right side. (see picture 6)

Vue sur Baudemont

Picture 6

Continued walking, with on your left side the ‘Bois de la Ferrière’, you’ll arrive at a farm, just when you think you’re at a dead end, you’ll find a cobble stone path turning left (picture 7). Here you’ll continue your route along the edge of the forrest (picture 8).

La Ferme devant le Gravier

Picture 7

Le Gravier le long la foret

Picture 8

Past the farm you’ll have a view of Vieux Bourg pastures (picture 9).

Vue sur Le Vieux Bourg

Picture 9

You’ll walk to the end of the path and on the left pass a meadow with horses and on the right some trees where you’ll often see the famous Charolais cows.

Vaches droit de le Gravier

Picture 10

The Charolais cows are world renown for the quality of their meat.

In St.Christophe and Brionnais, about 7 kilometer from Vareilles, is the 500 year old market, where every Wednesday from 6 am the Charolais cows are traded.

This is certainly worth a visit.

De Charollais stier op de koeienmarkt in St. Christophe en Brionnais

Picture 11

At the end of the path you’ll come to a T split and you’ll turn left (picture 12)

Fin de Gravier

Picture 12

On the left side you’ll pass the camping ‘à la Ferme’ (picture13).

Photo 13 A La Ferme des Odeneux.jpg

Picture 13

Past the camping you’ll arrive at the split to Ferrière and Perrière, you’ll take the direction to Ferrière on the left (picture14).


Intersection Ferierre - Perrierre

Picture 14


After 300 meter you’ll come to the road crossing Vareilles- Amanzé (the D279) and cross the road (picture 15).

Intersection Ferriere-Les Noues

Picture 15

You are now in the area ‘Ferrière’ (picture 16).

All areas/parcels in France are registrated with their unique name, as with us ‘ Le Cray’ and ‘En Fayolle’.

Such an area is called a ‘ Lieu-dit’.  In the local area this is often used in lieu of street names.

Intersection Ferriere-Les Noues

Picture 16

At the next split, the one with the gate, you’ll take the left road (picture 17).

La route direction La Ferriere

Picture 17

First you’ll walk past the farm of Labrosse and subsequently follow the road down

Below you’ll cross a brook which is one of the many sources of the Loire.  So you could actually say that you walked to the source of the Loire.

At the house of the family Perrier you’ll keep to the left (picture 18).

Intersection entre Ferriere-Le Moulin

Picture 18

You’ll follow the road and ignore the forrest path at your right (picture 19).

Jus'que devant Le Moulin et direction Mistemagne

Picture 19

You now leave the area of Ferrière and enter the area of Mistemagne. You’ll pass the house (Le Moulin) of a family from Paris and subsequently arrive at the summer residence of the family Pierrot from Charolles (picture 20).



Picture 20

At the end of the road you’ll see again the reastaurated Cross (picture 1) and you’ll turn right.

After 150 meter you have arrived again at ‘Le Cray”.