Hiking - 2 - Around Montgiraud and St Albin

Hike 2 takes about 40 minutes and is approximately 4 kilometer long, good shoes are recommended.

Starting at the parking area you turn right and after 450 meter at the split in the road turn right again.

    Foto 1 voor het 1ste Kruispunt                     Foto 2 Splitsing met het Kruis 

You’ll follow the road, passing the farmhouse of brothers Jean and Noel, till you arrive at farmhouse ‘Montgiraud’.

    Foto 3 Bij Jean et Noel          Foto 4 Richting 'Montgiraud'           Foto 5 bord bij 'Montgiraud'

Before Montgiraud you’ll turn left and follow the road till the first split.

Foto 7 De weg naar St. Albin

Here, just before the ‘Hameau’ St. Albin (a Hameau is a neighbourhood and is slightly larger than a ‘Lieu-Dit’), you’ll take the left road and follow this for about 2 kilometer.

During your walk here you’ll see across the country side the castle of Vareilles, Chateau Le Monet.


Foto 8 Weg van St. Albin naar 'Le Cray' met zicht op Chateau Le Montet

After approximately 1 kilometer you’ll arrive again at Chambre d’Hôtes Le Cray.