The immediate Vicinity of Vareilles

Vareilles is situated in the South of the Saône et Loire (71) this is one of the four departments that make up the Bourgogne.

Near Vareilles, you will find many beautiful towns and villages that are well worth a visit.

In this PDF (19,6 KB) provides an overview of the markets in Saône-et-Loire.

Below you'll find a brief overview of some interesting places to visit .

La Clayette



La Clayette is approximately 5 km from Vareilles where there are a number of supermarkets (Intermarché, Ataq and Aldi), several bakeries and several small shops.

On Tuesday morning from 8 am antill noon is the weekly market. Many local farmers offer their products, including goat-cheese, sausages, chicken, vegetable, fruit, herbs, honey and preserves.

In the shopping street Rue Central are many  terraces and you will also find the famous 'Chocolaterie Artisinal de Bernard Dufoux'. Link to Chocalats Dufoux . The Office du Tourisme-Office du Tourisme La Clayette-is located at the Château de La Clayette, the main attraction of the city.

The castle was built in 1380 and for centuries in the possession of the family Noblet. The park is open on 1 May during the Fête de Muguet and accessible to the public from 14 July to 15 August, during the festival ' Les Arts en Fête " when a variety of exhibitions are held,  in shops, historic homes and gardens at various locations in town.  Link to Pays-Clayettois

On the outskirts of La Clayette-Baudemont is the trainstation where the line 'la ligne de l'Azergues' stops, it goes both to Digoin as to Lyon.

The ride from La Clayette to Lyon is a must. He leaves 2x per day (without changes) to Lyon and 90 minutes later you are on Lyon-Part Dieu.




8 km away from Vareilles is the Château de Drée. It is located in Curbigny and a visit is well worth the effort. Link to Chateau de Dree.



Saint Christophe en Brionnais

For more than 500 years the main market in France for the famous Charolais cows is held on every Wednesday morning from 6 a.m. in Saint Christophe and Brionnais, located about  8 km of Vareilles.

Traders from all over France come here to sell and buy the Charolais cattle. Both sealed 'on hand' or inside the building 'au Cadran', through the auction clock.

Link to 'Le Marché au Cadran Brionnais'. Each year on the first Saturday of September is the election of the most beautiful Bull, cow and calf.



In the beautiful village of Saint-Germain-en-Brionnais,  7.5 km of Vareilles, is the location of the Verrerie du Prieuré, a master glacier,(
The Verrerie is situated in the former Priory of the Church of Saint-Germain-en-Brionnais.




Semur en Brionnais

The village of Semur en Brionnais (16 km from Vareilles) has been awarded the title 'one of the most beautiful villages of France', and it is the former capital of the Brionnais an ideal destination for those who love the heritage.
In the midst of rich wine and fruit trees the grounds of the Château Saint-Hugues to the Romanesque churches in the 'high town' provides you with walks  through a thousand years of history!

Link to  Semur en Brionnais




The village of Marcigny is 21 km of Vareilles in the Loire Valley.
Here is every Monday morning the market on the square in the Centre of the village.
On the industrial zone you will find the famous Poterie Emile Henry 

Link to their Facebook.


Mussy sous Dun

The village Mussy sous Dun is located 14 km from Vareilles. It has an impressive railway viaduct which is 561 m. long and 63 m. high.

Construction started In 1892 and in 1895 the first train drove over it.

Mount Dun is 708m high

 here is a nice video of it.











Boutique La Clayette Dufoux (Bernard Dufoux)



Station La Clayette-03.jpgLa Clayette-Baudemont station






Château de Drée





The market of the famous Charolais cows






Accurate and beautiful craftmanship





Église Saint Hilaire






Moule à baguettes




Viaduc de Mussu-sous-Dun-04.jpg

Viaduc de Mussy-sous-Dun


View from the North on 71800 Vareilles, Saône et Loire, Bourgogne

Panorama Vareilles_stitch_960.jpg


View from the South on 71800 Vareilles, Saône et Loire, Bourgogne